Why Use GEM?

Build Your Presence

Everything you need to manage your online presence, and increase your credibility.

  • Build Unlimited Websites

  • Manage Your Social Media Presence all from one place with the social media scheduler

  • Improve Your Ranking On Google

  • Increase Your Google Reviews

  • Create awesome blogs

  • Launch winning ads right from your account, to FB, Insta, YouTube, Google, Bing etc


Optimize your client management. Explore & understand your customers. Sell memberships & coaching sessions online & on the app, anywhere, to anyone.

  • Create incredible online courses

  • Build creative customer memberships & Portals

  • Issue certificates

  • Unlock lessons or drip feed daily lessons

  • Create Quizzes and assessments

  • Keep notes and assign tasks to staff for each customer easily

  • Mobile for your students to access your courses on the go

  • Customer Portal so your members/students can log in access their courses, monitor their affiliate status and income, join in community chats.

Boost Your Sales

Close more sales with GEM. GEM's easy-to-use drag and drop sales pipeline, coupled with our automation tools and reward program helps you close more sales, faster.

  • Send branded emails to your prospects

  • All your social media, email, text, chatbot communication in one place

  • Build high converting sales funnels

  • Receive calls and texts via dedicated phone line

  • Gain Additional income with the GEM affiliate link

  • Create affiliate systems on your funnels and websites for extra reach and income

Systemise Your Services

Integrated payments & invoices. Empower customers to pay for coaching sessions, online courses, products and services with GEM.

  • Manage your calendar

  • Accept paid and unpaid appointments

  • Create membership plans

  • Intelligent onboarding process automations

  • Keep track of your customer's journey

  • Assign tasks and notes to each customer for staff or reminders for yourself

  • Build engaging nurture sequences with email, text, voice-message, insta DM & FB messages all in one.

  • Staff App - Take GEM with you, wherever you are

  • Create forms and surveys

Monitor Your Finances

Manage and monitor your finances, set your products and prices, create invoices, robust sales reporting, create coupon codes. Automate the full follow up process for it all.

  • Create invoices

  • Create online products

  • Automatically collect payments & subscriptions

  • Sales reporting

  • Automatically chase late payments

  • Connect your account for Quickbooks

  • Create coupon codes, with time limits, availability limits.

  • Issue proposals & contracts with 'sign' capacity

Manage Your Team

Scale your business by adding team members and delegating tasks. Manage your team from inside your GEM account.

  • Multiple user access

  • Assign different access and permission levels

  • Task assignment and management

  • Monitor staff interaction with customers

  • Call leads direct from your account and have all calls recorded

Get support, training & Community

You determine your level of connection. Join us on masterclasses, in the private FB group. Make connections in the Forum, advertise your services/products in the Members Marketplace. Communicate with us in your own private Discord channel.

  • Access free courses inside

  • Step by step getting started videos

  • Welcome and set up call

  • Your own discord channel with access to the whole team for help anytime

  • Conscious Entrepreneur Membership videos/audio books

  • Masterclass each month

  • Community Facebook group to interact with other users

  • Members Marketplace

With Revolutionary A.I. Technology GEM Is Like Having A Team Working For You.............Without The Cost!

  • Instantly replying to IG DM's with free offer links

  • Notifying you of new appointments booked

  • Helping you identify hot prospects

  • Replying to incoming phone calls and texts

  • Auto-booking appointments for you

  • Generating social media snippets, captions and images

  • Writing email copy

  • Refining and writing website and landing page copy

  • A.I. chat bot answering customer questions on your sites

  • And Our Added Extra A.I. Ad Creator

A close Look At The Features!

Unlimited Websites, Pages, Blogs and Funnels

Create your own websites and funnels from scratch or use our professionally designed templates in all industry sectors. Use our Wordpress plugin if you want to keep your existing website, but turn on advanced lead tracking.

Advanced tracking inside the GEM CRM, detailing everything your contacts do on your site, triggering internal automations

Unlimited domains

Unlimited websites

Unlimited funnels

Unlimited sales and opt-in pages

Unlimited blogs

Fully branded in your branding 

Easy drag and drop page builders

Advanced customisation with coding 

Free chat widget for your website (that is responded to by your ai bot and ai appointment setter)

*Replaces: Clickfunnels, Wordpress, Wix, Square, LeadPages, FG Funnels,

Social Media Management

Social Media Planner: Features a full calendar view for comprehensive planning.

Auto-Post Across Platforms: Schedule and automatically post content across various social media platforms, pages, and groups.

Bulk Upload Content: Easily upload multiple posts to the scheduler via CSV

A.I. Social Content Creator: Utilise the built-in AI tool within the scheduler for content generation.

Team Collaboration: Allows team members to create draft posts for later approval, fostering a collaborative environment.

RSS and Repeating Posts: Create posts based on RSS feeds and set up repeating posts for consistent engagement.

Pre-Written First Comments: Schedule the ‘first comment’ on posts to enhance engagement and interaction right from the start.

Calendar, Appointment  & Event Bookings

2-Way Calendar Sync: Easily integrates and syncs with existing calendars such as Google, Outlook, and iCloud, ensuring seamless personal and team management.

Unlimited Booking Calendars: Create calendars for unlimited appointment types and unlimited team members, accommodating diverse scheduling needs and no extra charges as your offers grow.

Free and Paid Appointments: Offers the flexibility to set up both free and paid booking options.

Diverse Booking Options: Settings available for a wide range of booking types including in-person and online events, one-on-one or groups, coaching, classes, group training, room and equipment hire, and much more. 

Repeating and Recurring Appointments: Easily set up repeating classes, events, services, or appointments.

Mobile App Accessibility: View and manage your own and your team's appointments from the GEM's admin

Mobile app. Automated Booking Management:Automate confirmations, reminders, follow-ups, re-bookings, and post-event review requests to enhance client engagement and streamline operations.

Easy Management & Reporting: See all of your company bookings at a glance from your dashboard, as well as reporting on shows, no-shows and re-schedules.

Email Marketing

Free Email Bonus: Get all your emails for free in GEM.

Advanced Campaign Management: Offers advanced features for email marketing including automations, unlimited segmentation, A/B testing, drip sending, recurring emails, and more.

Customised Campaigns with Advanced Segmentation: Enables the sending of highly customised campaigns based on detailed segmentation and advanced personalisation.

RSS-Based Emails: Automatically generate email newsletters for clients, filling in the most recent updates or content pulled in from your blog or YouTube channel automatically without you lifting a finger

Easy-to-Use Drag and Drop Email Builder: Simplifies the creation of emails, allowing for quick and efficient design with advanced elements for maximum engagement and action-taking.

Branded Email Templates: Create and use email templates that align with your brand identity.

Sending from Own Domain: Send emails from your own domain using the GEM's dedicated AWS server. GEM sets up your DKIM, DMARC, and SMTP settings for you at onboarding to ensure high inbox deliverability rates - a service not provided by other email service providers.

Maintained Server Reputation: We don’t let spammers and shared servers impact your deliverability. Our server is monitored 24/7, with support provided for accounts hitting a 3% bounce rate. This ensures a safe deliverability reputation and maintains high standards for all of our users.

Communities, Groups & Member Portal

Create unlimited communities and groups

Make communities paid or free to join

Member profiles for networking 

Fully customisable in your own branding, domains and presentation

Connect communities to courses, training and products

Member portal connects to affiliate profiles

*Replaces: Circle, MightyNetworks

Task & Project Management

Unlimited ‘kanban’ boards for brainstorming, planning, tasks and project management

Add unlimited staff to each board with controlled permissionsSet due dates, recurring/repeating task deadlines, assign staff responsible for individual checklist items and entire projects

Create template task cards with pre-filled checklists and sub-tasks that can also be automated based on client tags

*Replaces: Trello, ClickUp, Asana, Monday

Leads & Sales Management

Create unlimited customer journey pipelines to view and manage your entire customer buying journey and sales processes

Create professional, branded Proposals and Estimates to send out to leads, even pre-fill content with a click by using custom dynamic fields in your proposal builder.

Conduct cold outreach campaigns by email, SMS and even voice messages.

 You have no contact limits so GEM is friendly for larger operations and mass campaigns

Our prospecting tool allows you to find highly targeted businesses in given areas or industries allowing you to conduct highly targeted sales outreach

*Replaces: Salesforce, ActiveCampaig

Financial Management & Payments

Easily create, send and follow up on invoices, including automated actions in workflows related to payments and invoicing 

Connect directly to your payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, NMI and more with no processing fees from GEM.

We do not touch or hold your money in any way.

Direct integrations with QuickBooks, Xero connects through Stripe and PayPal feeds and our listing on the zapier store integrates over 7,000 other services

Request instant payments with the quick payment request feature

Charge in multiple currencies through your Stripe connection

Charge in one-off billing, subscription plans and payment plans

Enable discount coupons, free trial periods and set-up fees on top of standard pricing

Create Proposals & Contracts to be signed online



A2P compliance functionalities 


GDPR compliance functionalities

Legal Acceptance Privacy and Terms check boxes on opt in forms

Cookie Notices Integrate cookie and other legal notices

Fonts GDPR compliant fonts and funnel page layouts available

Advanced CRM & Unified Inbox

With unlimited contacts, smart lists, and email segments, you can easily track and nurture your relationships with leads and customers - and track their stage in your customer journey from your CRM dashboard

GEM offers the leading CRM functionality and Unified Inbox system, to help you better manage your client interactions, communication and everyday operations.

Here's a summary of the amazing CRM and unified inbox features you get with GEM:

Unlimited Contacts:GEM does not charge extra as your contact list grows, offering unlimited contacts without additional costs.

Unlimited Contact Lists (Smart Lists):These lists automatically segment people based on customisable, pre-set filters, allowing for efficient organisation and targeting.

Unified Inbox:All communications from every location are centralised in one conversation thread within the client record, regardless of whether they contacted you by email, SMS, social media, or Google.

Detailed Client Records:Keep detailed notes, records, and task checklists on each client record, ensuring you stay organised and never miss important details.

Comprehensive Contact Overview:View all contact actions, activities, purchases, appointments, tags, workflows, pipeline stages, customer scores, custom information fields, documents, files uploaded, and survey & form responses directly from the contacts’ client record.

2-Way Email Sync:Connects to your email services (like Google and Outlook) and automatically integrates new contacts, creating and auto-updating a customer record for each, building their profile and communication record continuously.

Centralised Communication History:All communication with every contact is stored in a single communication thread, regardless of the communication channel used, ensuring no loss of records or data, regardless of which staff member was communicating with the contact.

Omni-Channel Communication:Communicate with contacts using any channel (Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, SMS and email), all from the conversation thread inside your GEM account - no more switching between apps.

Automatic Database Growth:Client records are automatically created or updated with communication from various channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google My Business, SMS, and email.

Unlimited Staff and Admin Users:Offer controlled access and permissions for effective and safe business operations and management.

Mobile App for Staff and Administrators:Facilitates easy day-to-day business management and customer communication on-the-go.

Advanced Automations:Create automated workflows based on contact actions, inactions, purchases, and more, for targeted and efficient client engagement and sales.

Advanced Reporting: In-depth insights on customer source, number and value of leads, activity, lead scoring and conversion rates which auto-updates on your GEM dashboard and reports providing valuable data for business decision-making.

Courses, e-Learning, Memberships & Digital Products

Unlimited courses: No extra charges for being an epic creator!

Unlimited memberships and subscriptions: GEM is perfect for course creators with large and small memberships

Unlimited bundles

Unlimited students

Charge in unlimited pricing options per course (one-off payments, subscriptions, payment plans, bulk enrolment pricing)

Charge in multiple currencies

Unlimited video hosting GEM hosts all of your videos and training content.

Student mobile app in YOUR branding. Your clients can download a mobile app that is your logo and branding, and watch/download your content from their mobiles.

Course portal in your domain. You get a portal that is in your branding which shows your students which courses/products they have purchased and which ones they can buy.

They can also access your communities and their affiliate dashboard from their portal.

Create coupons, free trials and discounted trial periods for courses. Assignments, quizzes and assessments with ability to upload homework for marking and feedback

AI Assistance

AI Assistant Bot: You get an inbuilt AI Assistant Bot that Responds to all incoming inquiries automatically and even books appointments for you on your behalf.

Your AI Bot is instantly trained on your business by scanning your website, blog or other URL, enabling it to become an expert on your specific topic, style, and content.

AI Content Generator: Elevate your content creation and sales with our inbuilt ai content generation features in the social media scheduler, blog creator, email subject lines and page builders.

AI Actions in Workflows: Put your business completely on autopilot by creating highly automations using your own ChatGPT OpenAI, webhooks, and APIs inside our workflows builder.

Physical Products & eCommmerce - Your Shop

Create and sell unlimited digital & physical products

Sell physical goods (shipping functionality on order forms)

Replace Shopify and other eCommerce platforms with GEM which is a fully functioning eCommerce platform.

*Replaces: WooCommerce, Shopify

Automations & Workflows

Quickly and easily create automated email sequences, automated project management workflows, cold outreach campaigns, student check-in sequences, leads and sales nurturing & upsell sequences and manage every lead, sale and project in your business on autopilot -  or use the automations we have already built for you.

Examples of some of our pre-built for you automations include: missed call text backs, course welcome sequences, appointment booking and reminders, webinar registration and reminders, project management, frequently asked question bots, list re-activation sequence and more.

Automated complex task flows with conditional logic branches and unlimited task and action steps

Use the ‘Triggers’ feature to create unlimited trigger links that start automations when specific links are clicked

Conduct any task on autopilot and integrate your account with over 7,000 other platforms and softwares with our Zapier listing

Unlimited advanced automations with custom webhooks and APIs inside the automation and workflow builder

Connect your workflow builder to your ChatGPT OpenAI account for advanced automated AI Agent tasks

*Replaces: ActiveCampaign, Salesforce

Reviews and Reputation Management

Connects to your Google My Business reviews page and Facebook reviews page to centralise all of your reviews into one place for easy monitoring

Turn on your AI Assistant to auto-reply to reviews for youSet up automatic review requests when clients have completed purchases, products or services

Filter the sending of review requests only to clients who responded positively to client satisfaction surveys

Communication, Calls & SMS

Company Phone Line: Get dedicated phone lines (landline and mobile) for your business for inbound and outbound calls by your whole team optional add-on feature

2-Way SMS & MMS Marketing: Including automated messaging and response triggers.

Ringless voicemail messaging for non-intrusive communication 

Whatsapp integration (optional add on)

Reporting & Analytics

Paid ads reporting

Attribution and lead source reports

Call and appointment reporting

Form and survey analytics

Course and product reporting

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  • Clunky CRM's

  • Outdated Funnel Builders

  • Complicated Website Builders

  • Stringing a bunch of different software together & crossing your fingers

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  • Hidden upsells that end up costing you a fortune

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Take A Look At Some Of The Awesome Software Features!

Get all this and more when you open a GEM account!

Unlimited Funnel & Website Builder

Our funnel builder is like a magic wand for conversions, and our website builder is so intuitive, you'll be able to create a professional-looking website in no time, even if you're a complete tech newbie!

Unlimited Online Course & Membership Creator

But wait, there's more! Our software also includes an online course creator that makes creating and selling your own courses a breeze. With an unlimited capacity to create and native video hosting to save money on third party video programs & bandwidth fees.

Email, Text, Voice Message Workflows

An email workflow builder that will have your inbox looking as organised as Marie Kondo's sock drawer. This automation mastermind has so many features we can't put them all here.

Social Media Scheduler

And a social media scheduler that will make you the social media maven of your dreams. Connecting to your FB pages, groups, Insta, Google My Biz, TicTok, & Linked In

Blog Creator & FB ads Reporting

We've also thrown in a blog post creator, Facebook ads creator, and a reporting and review system that will make data analysis a piece of cake

Calendar & Appointment Booking

Ditch Calendly or any other calendar and booking program as we have one of the most sophisticated systems available today. Place your calendars directly into your funnels or websites and take bookings instantly.

(We even have Eliza the AI system that will communicate with your lead and secure the booking!)

Mobile Phone APP

We have a mobile app you can connect and download to your phone for all those connections you need to keep track of on the run. See your calendar, bookings, and appointments. Access your CRM and contacts. Check your pipeline, book appointments, send invoices. Run your business on the go.

Forms Surveys & Quizzes

Create unlimited forms, surveys, and even quizzes for your funnels & websites. Because our software is connected, when someone fills out one of your forms it can trigger a huge range of actions you set. Fully automate your online business. No more need for Typeform, WooFoo or other programs.

A.I. Copywriter

Allow our inbuilt A.I. Copywriter to help you product the best copy for social media posts, emails, blog posts & your funnel and website landing pages.

You can activate this from any area you are writing copy in and have it give you professional versions of what you have written in the style you choose.

A valuable feature to make sure your copy does exactly what its intended to do.

Affiliate Centre

The capacity to place an affiliate program on any or all of your funnels and websites, so others can share and receive a commission. This allows you to have a team of sales people promoting your business, and to reach markets you otherwise would not have access to.

Chat Bot for all sites

our built-in chatbot will keep your customers happy, even when you're off sipping margaritas. Connected to your Inbox you never miss a message!

Translate To Any Language

There is no barrier to where you are with GEM you can translate the majority of your platform into any language.

With GEM, you'll be able to streamline your business operations and save time and money. Stop wasting your precious time on mundane tasks and start focusing on what you love about being a business owner. Try GEM today and see the difference it can make in your business.

Hold on to your laptops, because it gets even better! When you choose GEM Software, not only will you have access to all of our amazing features, but we're also throwing in some extra bonuses that will knock your socks off.

First up, we're offering a full concierge set up

plus a FREE one-page website or sales funnel

  • Import your contacts and set up your CRM

  • Set up your social media integrations

  • Set up your Stripe, Pay Pal and other payment integrations

  • Connect & set up your mobile app

  • Create a one page website or sales funnel

  • Set up booking calendar or forms on website or sales funnel

  • Set up payment order form on website or sales funnel

  • Create a leads pipeline to track leads

  • Set up your email, text, voice message workflow for website or sale funnel

  • Set up automatic notification to you of every sale or contact

  • Set up your chat bot

  • Set up your custom domain

  • Set up your custom email

  • Generate 50 free business specific leads and create the cold outreach system for you

A Free Holiday!

We're going to send you on a

well-deserved vacation! With over 100 destinations to choose from, you can jet off to your dream location and have a blast on us. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing GEM and supporting your business

The GEMpreneur ElITE Package!

Our 'Done For You' option

Take a look to see if this 'done for you' package is for you.

Or if you prefer a 'You Do You' approach then your GEM software account has everything you need.

With access to the 'GEMpreneur ELITE Program' you'll receive 2000 new leads generated each month, ensuring a steady flow of potential clients. Our AI system will nurture and filter those leads as they respond and send the 'Hot Leads' to your offer or your sales team.

Our done-for-you ads package, you'll receive 4 new ads each month with graphics, copy, pixels, audience targeting, and lead forms, so you can focus on what you do best while we handle the rest.

We'll create a professional website for you or transfer your existing website into your account, so you can showcase your business in the best possible light.

But that's not all. We'll also create 1 new sales funnel or promotional offer funnel for you each month, taking care of all the technical details so you can sit back and watch the results roll in. And with our bookings system, you'll be notified of each new booking as it comes in.

Our team will manage the promotion of your offers on social media with 4 posts a week across all your socials.

We will also transfer one of your online courses over into your GEM software each month, so you can cancel any existing online course software and save.

After all that we will issue you a Free holiday to the destination of your choice each year!

You also get to jump on a Zoom call with the team once a month to plan our the following months offers and promotions.

Let's Recap The GEMpreneur ELITE Package!

With One Click, Generate All The Prospects You Need.

Finds You Leads

We will gather your ideal client in any location, our search intelligence will produce thousands of results with their contact information. These will be added to your CRM, & tagged appropriatly

Starts Your Conversations

Our AI bots then get to work to begin conversations with those ideal clients on your behalf, telling them who you are and what you do.

You Make Sales

When they interact with our conversations, open emails, click or reply, we notify you immediately so that you can call them and make sales.

Ads Done For You

Our ads team will create 4 new ads for you each month and run them to your ideal client on social media. Complete with professional graphics, audience targeting, pixels, & lead forms.

Professional Website

Or Re-Creation of Your Existing Site

Our web-design team and tech geniuses will create a fully automated professional website in your account or re-create your existing site and set it up with full automation.

One New Sales Funnel or Offer Created For You Each Month

If you require it our team will create a professional sales funnel or your offers and launch it with full automation for you each month.

Transfer Your Courses Over

Do you have online courses in external software? No problem. We'll transfer 1 course over to your GEM account each month, so you can streamline your business and focus on what really matters.

Social Media Management

And with monthly social media management, we'll help you stay connected with your audience and grow your business even further.

Priority Support and Monthly Zoom calls

You will have priority support from our customer success team and monthly Zoom calls to plan out the months ads, & marketing.

The All-In-One GEM Marketing and Sales software is made for…

Coaches - Holistic Health, Business, Manifestation, Spirituality, Mental Health.....

...who want to manifest more time to focus on their business and automate their sales, marketing, and messaging.

Set up a membership portal, automated booking system & review system for clients.

Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, Massage & Salon owners

...who would like to let go of a whole lot of marketing, sales and nurturing efforts.

Automate bookings & become more visible in search results.

Gather great reviews that automatically show up on your website or funnel.

Network Marketers & Global Business Builders

...who understand that having time to enjoy life apart from business is the true spirit of entrepreneurship.

Who want a fully created business system to reach global markets and duplicate easily for their members.

Eliminate the need to chase friends and family.