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Get the full A.I. Ads Creator software in your account FREE saving $100pm

Available on the Diamond software package

Watch the short 2min video below to see what the A.I. Ads Creator is.

Empower yourself to reach your business goals without:

  • Wasting precious time on stringing software together, only to be overwhelmed by the time-consuming tech struggle?

  • feeling frustrated with pouring money into multiple subscriptions, only to face the financial strain of paying for individual programs? Our tailored solution for female solo entrepreneurs ensures a wise financial investment, with one small monthly payment.

  • The worry of setting up a new account and transferring over your existing assets, our concierge service does this for you.

  • Feeling alone in your journey, with our 24hr service and support team just a message away.

Unlock instant access to holistic business success with our all-in-one software, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your business at your fingertips as a solo entrepreneur.

START NOW! $197pm

  • Unlimited Funnels ($197 value)

  • Unlimited Contacts ($97 value)

  • Unlimited Platforms ($197 value)

  • Unlimited Campaigns ($147 value)

  • Unlimited Automations ($997 value)

  • Unlimited Products ($97 value)

  • Unlimited Invoices ($47 value)

  • Unlimited Contracts ($67 value)

  • Unlimited Courses ($197 value)

  • Unlimited Calendars ($97 value)

  • Unlimited Forms & Surveys ($47 value)

  • Unlimited Affiliates ($97 value)

  • Unlimited Domains ($27 value)

  • Unlimited Communities ($127 value)

  • Unlimited Media Storage ($197 value)

  • SMS Text Marketing ($97 value)

  • Unlimited Blogs ($47 value)

  • Professional Designed Funnels/Websites ($15,000 value)

  • Bespoke Designed website or funnel for you. ($5,000 value)

  • Complimentary Holiday ($5,000 value)

  • Access To Wide Range of Masterclasses (Priceless)

  • Video tutorials (Priceless)

  • Private Discord Chat With The GEM Team (Priceless)

  • Expert Onboarding and Set Up (Priceless)

  • Step by Step video walk through (Priceless)

Total Value - $27,779

Empowering female entrepreneurs to unleash their true potential and soar to new heights of success. Join our community today and explore the diverse range of opportunities we have in store for you.

'Well, let us introduce you to the GEM–Girls In Business Platform & GEM Software

The ultimate all-in-one solution for the modern entrepreneur.'

Access our Free GEM-Girls In Business Platform & take the optional benefit of combining it with the all-in-one GEM Software.

You have a powerful all in one business tool!

Think of us as your virtual business BFF. We're here to take care of all the boring stuff, so you can focus on what you do best – being a kick-ass business owner!

With GEM, you can say goodbye to

  • Clunky CRM's

  • Outdated Funnel Builders

  • Complicated Website Builders

  • Stringing a bunch of different software together & crossing your fingers

  • Paying an outrageous amount for a heap of different software programs

  • Hidden upsells that end up costing you a fortune

We've got you covered with a All-In-One Software that's so easy to use!

All-In-One at GEM means All-In-One no hidden upsells, no account set up fees, no extra costs to connect your own email SMTP we do it all for you! From $97pm

Choose A Package That Suits You

GEM Software has EVERYTHING you need!

Start your 14 Day FREE trial of GEM Software NOW and receive Gifts & Services worth $14,485 absolutely free!


Plus a FREE holiday when you pay yearly!

Take A Look At Some Of The Awesome Software Features!

Get all this and more when you open a GEM account!

Unlimited Funnel & Website Builder

Our funnel builder is like a magic wand for conversions, and our website builder is so intuitive, you'll be able to create a professional-looking website in no time, even if you're a complete tech newbie!

Unlimited Online Course & Membership Creator

But wait, there's more! Our software also includes an online course creator that makes creating and selling your own courses a breeze. With an unlimited capacity to create and native video hosting to save money on third party video programs & bandwidth fees.

Email, Text, Voice Message Workflows

An email workflow builder that will have your inbox looking as organised as Marie Kondo's sock drawer. This automation mastermind has so many features we can't put them all here.

Social Media Scheduler

And a social media scheduler that will make you the social media maven of your dreams. Connecting to your FB pages, groups, Insta, Google My Biz, TicTok, & Linked In

Blog Creator & FB ads Reporting

We've also thrown in a blog post creator, Facebook ads creator, and a reporting and review system that will make data analysis a piece of cake

Calendar & Appointment Booking

Ditch Calendly or any other calendar and booking program as we have one of the most sophisticated systems available today. Place your calendars directly into your funnels or websites and take bookings instantly.

(We even have Eliza the AI system that will communicate with your lead and secure the booking!)

Mobile Phone APP

We have a mobile app you can connect and download to your phone for all those connections you need to keep track of on the run. See your calendar, bookings, and appointments. Access your CRM and contacts. Check your pipeline, book appointments, send invoices. Run your business on the go.

Forms Surveys & Quizzes

Create unlimited forms, surveys, and even quizzes for your funnels & websites. Because our software is connected, when someone fills out one of your forms it can trigger a huge range of actions you set. Fully automate your online business. No more need for Typeform, WooFoo or other programs.

A.I. Copywriter

Allow our inbuilt A.I. Copywriter to help you product the best copy for social media posts, emails, blog posts & your funnel and website landing pages.

You can activate this from any area you are writing copy in and have it give you professional versions of what you have written in the style you choose.

A valuable feature to make sure your copy does exactly what its intended to do.

Affiliate Centre

The capacity to place an affiliate program on any or all of your funnels and websites, so others can share and receive a commission. This allows you to have a team of sales people promoting your business, and to reach markets you otherwise would not have access to.

Chat Bot for all sites

our built-in chatbot will keep your customers happy, even when you're off sipping margaritas. Connected to your Inbox you never miss a message!

Translate To Any Language

There is no barrier to where you are with GEM you can translate the majority of your platform into any language.

With GEM, you'll be able to streamline your business operations and save time and money. Stop wasting your precious time on mundane tasks and start focusing on what you love about being a business owner. Try GEM today and see the difference it can make in your business.

Hold on to your laptops, because it gets even better! When you choose GEM Software, not only will you have access to all of our amazing features, but we're also throwing in some extra bonuses that will knock your socks off.

First up, we're offering a full concierge set up

plus a FREE one-page website or sales funnel

  • Import your contacts and set up your CRM

  • Set up your social media integrations

  • Set up your Stripe, Pay Pal and other payment integrations

  • Connect & set up your mobile app

  • Create a one page website or sales funnel

  • Set up booking calendar or forms on website or sales funnel

  • Set up payment order form on website or sales funnel

  • Create a leads pipeline to track leads

  • Set up your email, text, voice message workflow for website or sale funnel

  • Set up automatic notification to you of every sale or contact

  • Set up your chat bot

  • Set up your custom domain

  • Set up your custom email

  • Generate 50 free business specific leads and create the cold outreach system for you

A Free Holiday!

We're going to send you on a

well-deserved vacation! With over 100 destinations to choose from, you can jet off to your dream location and have a blast on us. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing GEM and supporting your business

Start your 14 Day FREE trial of GEM Software NOW and receive Gifts & Services worth $14,485 absolutely free!


Plus a FREE holiday when you pay yearly!

What people are saying about GEM?

Start your 14 Day FREE trial of GEM Software NOW and receive Gifts & Services worth $14,485 absolutely free!


Plus a FREE holiday when you pay yearly!

Once Inside GEM Collect All The Limited-Time Bonuses Worth $14,485.

If you join GEM from May-Sept 2024 we will gift you the entire A.I. Ads Creator software into your account, FREE (not just for the month but for your entire time you are with GEM)

This is a saving of $100us per month or $150au.

Our A.I. Ads Creator will create ad copy, graphics, and audience targeting in a tap that work hand-in-hand with Google and Facebook algorithms to improve your results over time.A.I. Ads Creator doesn't just make marketing easy, it makes it better!

Users achieve a lower cost per click than industry standards so their budgets can go further.We are gifting this to everyone that opens a full software account with all the features @ $197pm

01. Community FB Group

We have a FB group for all our members where we support you and keep you informed. Updates, announcements, connection with other GEM users and special offers are always updated in this FB group.

02. Concierge Business Set Up

(Value: $700-$1500 FREE for a Limited Time)

We know you probably LOVE the idea of an All-In-One software for your business! We also realise that just the IDEA of having such an incredible software to run your business can be overwhelming. And we know that for some people as much as they would LOVE to automate and take their business to the next level the very act of moving everything over & setting it all up is what is holding them back from success. Our team will jump on a zoom call with you set up your CRM and import your contacts, set up your domains and your dedicated professional email address. Connect your stripe, paypal, social media, and all other integrations.

02. One page website or Sales Funnel With Full Automation

(Value: $5,497 - FREE for a Limited Time)

We know you probably LOVE the idea of an All-In-One software for your business! We also realise that just the IDEA of having such an incredible software to run Our designers will create a one page website or sales funnel with full automation for your business. Out team will jump on a zoom call with you set up your CRM and impaort your contacts, set up your domains and your dedicated professional email address

03. Free Fully Built Out Business Systems

(Value: $1997 - FREE for a Limited Time)

We have a range of different fully built out business systems we refer to as 'snapshots' that you can select and have downloaded into your account.

Complete with websites, funnels, forms, calendars, email text, and voice message automation. Just edit it to suit your own business.

04. 'Conscious Entrepreneur' Membership Area

(Value: $997 - FREE for a Limited Time)

Over 200 videos on everything from marketing, leadership to consciousness and vibration. Also a large selection of audiobooks to download.

05. Affiliate link and customer portal

(Value: $997 - FREE for a Limited Time)

You will automatically be granted your own GEM affiliate link, so you can share and generate income for yourself. You get a generous 20% per month recurring on anyone that joins GEM via your own link. You also get your own 'Customer Portal' so you can log in and track your leads, customers and commissions.

06. 'Members Marketplace'

(FREE for a Limited Time)

Get the opportunity to market your products and services in our beautiful members marketplace. List your offers and see all the other amazing offers from other female entrepreneurs. Women supporting Women!

From The Desk Of Debbie Mewes

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and I know the struggle! How to get started? what is the best way to set up?

I tried it all, most of the time piecing my business together like a complex tech jigsaw. With multiple software programs, email servers, funnel builders, membership and course builders.


Even when courses took off the money went out on all these programs to keep it running!

That was until we created GEM software and coaching!

EVERYTHING you can possibly need is all in one place and you get free access for 14 days to set up an account and take a look.

My team and I would love to look after you with our Concierge set up service! I look forward to seeing you on the inside!......................

Love Debbie Mewes

CEO GEM Software

Yes, we are female owned and have a strong feminine vibe. GEM is also committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness. However you identify, If you resonate with our vibe, & want to create an awesome business welcome aboard!

Start your 14 Day FREE trial of GEM Software NOW and receive Gifts & Services worth $14,485 absolutely free!


Plus a FREE holiday!

The GEMpreneur ElITE Package!

Our 'Done For You' option

Take a look to see if this 'done for you' package is for you.

Or if you prefer a 'You Do You' approach then your GEM software account has everything you need.

With access to the 'GEMpreneur ELITE Program' you'll receive 2000 new leads generated each month, ensuring a steady flow of potential clients. Our AI system will nurture and filter those leads as they respond and send the 'Hot Leads' to your offer or your sales team.

Our done-for-you ads package, you'll receive 4 new ads each month with graphics, copy, pixels, audience targeting, and lead forms, so you can focus on what you do best while we handle the rest.

We'll create a professional website for you or transfer your existing website into your account, so you can showcase your business in the best possible light.

But that's not all. We'll also create 1 new sales funnel or promotional offer funnel for you each month, taking care of all the technical details so you can sit back and watch the results roll in. And with our bookings system, you'll be notified of each new booking as it comes in.

Our team will manage the promotion of your offers on social media with 4 posts a week across all your socials.

We will also transfer one of your online courses over into your GEM software each month, so you can cancel any existing online course software and save.

After all that we will issue you a Free holiday to the destination of your choice each year!

You also get to jump on a Zoom call with the team once a month to plan our the following months offers and promotions.

Let's Recap The GEMpreneur ELITE Package!

With One Click, Generate All The Prospects You Need.

Finds You Leads

We will gather your ideal client in any location, our search intelligence will produce thousands of results with their contact information. These will be added to your CRM, & tagged appropriatly

Starts Your Conversations

Our AI bots then get to work to begin conversations with those ideal clients on your behalf, telling them who you are and what you do.

You Make Sales

When they interact with our conversations, open emails, click or reply, we notify you immediately so that you can call them and make sales.

Ads Done For You

Our ads team will create 4 new ads for you each month and run them to your ideal client on social media. Complete with professional graphics, audience targeting, pixels, & lead forms.

Professional Website

Or Re-Creation of Your Existing Site

Our web-design team and tech geniuses will create a fully automated professional website in your account or re-create your existing site and set it up with full automation.

One New Sales Funnel or Offer Created For You Each Month

If you require it our team will create a professional sales funnel or your offers and launch it with full automation for you each month.

Transfer Your Courses Over

Do you have online courses in external software? No problem. We'll transfer 1 course over to your GEM account each month, so you can streamline your business and focus on what really matters.

Social Media Management

And with monthly social media management, we'll help you stay connected with your audience and grow your business even further.

Priority Support and Monthly Zoom calls

You will have priority support from our customer success team and monthly Zoom calls to plan out the months ads, & marketing.

The All-In-One GEM Marketing and Sales software is made for…

Coaches - Holistic Health, Business, Manifestation, Spirituality, Mental Health.....

...who want to manifest more time to focus on their business and automate their sales, marketing, and messaging.

Set up a membership portal, automated booking system & review system for clients.

Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, Massage & Salon owners

...who would like to let go of a whole lot of marketing, sales and nurturing efforts.

Automate bookings & become more visible in search results.

Gather great reviews that automatically show up on your website or funnel.

Network Marketers & Global Business Builders

...who understand that having time to enjoy life apart from business is the true spirit of entrepreneurship.

Who want a fully created business system to reach global markets and duplicate easily for their members.

Eliminate the need to chase friends and family.

Psychics, Healers, Mediums, Astrologers & Spiritual Divas

...who want to keep track of all messages with an all in one communication medium.

Create their courses and share their gifts with the world.

Easily book in clients & automated that process.

Breathworkers, Vibrational Healers, & Yoga Teachers

...who want the flexibility that can be achieved by delegating tasks to GEM.

Automated reminder sequences booking calendars and appointment setting.

Women Empowerment Coaches & Retreat Facilitators

...could use a personal assistant software that collects payments, tracks client progress, and send reminders emails, and SMS.

Shopify vendors and conscious product creators

Who are looking for an automated fulfilment system, follow up, & automated reviews gathering & placing on your funnel and websites

Also the ability to keep a full CRM with automated tagging, notes and task assignment..

Homoeopaths, Nutritionists, & Naturopathic healers

...who want to let go of lead generation, closing and nurturing efforts without affecting their business

"Don’t allow the fear of tech block the vision you see for your future. Allow us to provide the all-in-one solution to bringing your vision of your dream business to life."

Start Your 14 Day FREE Trial




USD Billed monthly, no set up fee. Restricted Software
  • CRM, Inbox & Smart Lists

  • Calendar & appointment scheduler

  • Two way text* and email conversation

  • Social media scheduler

  • 'Google My Business' messaging

  • Web chat

  • Reputation management

  • Facebook Messenger integration

  • 'Google My Business' call tracking

  • Automatic missed call text back

  • Text* to pay

  • Access to Conscious Entrepreneurs

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • Weekly GEM tutorial zoom sessions

Twillio* is an extra feature we set up for you to enable Texts from your account.



USD Billed monthly, no set up fee. Restricted Software

Everything in the Gold Plus Plan...
  • Unlimited funnels

  • Forms & Surveys

  • Chat bot

  • Workflows

  • Pipeline/Opportunities

  • Google My Business reviews & reporting

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited free funnel templates



USD Billed monthly, no set up fee.
Full software access

Everything in Gold & Platinum Plus...

  • Unlimited websites

  • Unlimited online course/memberships

  • Social media scheduler

  • Invoicing Capacity

  • Advanced HTML & email templates

  • FB ads reporting

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited free website templates

  • Unlimited free business snapshots

  • Monthly business coaching sessions

  • Monthly astrological & energetic coaching sessions

  • PLUS we will build you a FREE one page website with full automation.

Start your 14 Day FREE trial NOW and get a 'Complementary Concierge Business Set Up' worth $3,497 absolutely free!